Delivering On The Promise Of Unified Communications As West Unified Communications Services

Simplifying the technology to improve user experiences and increase performance

InterCall and West IP Communications have rebranded into a single entity, West Corporation, in the Asia Pacific region. The West APAC Marketing team caught up with one of the APAC leaders, Shaun Wormald, Senior Director of UC, Sales and Marketing Shared Services to find out what this change brings to the business in the Asia Pacific region.

Q: Why are InterCall and West IP Communications rebranding to West in the Asia Pacific region?

Shaun: This development is part of West Corporation’s larger One West project, which is rebranding all entities in the West group to the West name. West IP Communications’ primary objectives were around telephony and the contact centre solutions. InterCall’s strengths traditionally have been in conferencing and digital media solutions. By bringing InterCall and West IP Communications together under West’s Unified Communications Services, we can now offer customers a complete and integrated end-to-end enterprise communications and digital media services and solutions.

Q: Tell us more about how the rebranding benefits customers in general?

The rebranding is really a response to customer needs. Business transformation and digitalisation are the two business agendas that are top-of-mind with CEOs and CIOs globally. Asia-Pacific organisations are now using cloud based call and collaboration technologies to speed up service delivery, improve customer service, reduce costs and drive innovation, and our customers were telling us that they wanted a single group to guide and work in partnership with them on their business transformation journeys.

The integration has addressed much of the complexity in systems and capabilities required to deliver the complete outcomes based solution with a great end user experience that most organisations are looking for today. As West we have now the compete portfolio of products, services and consulting expertise that can help businesses in the journey towards cloud-based business solutions, all offered by a single technology service provider.

Q: How do customers in the Asia Pacific region stand to benefit in particular?

We understand the region, and have the expected support capabilities for products across the diverse range of languages and cultural requirements. Our customers have a significantly improved opportunity to make use of a much broader portfolio of services and products, supported by the same people who have worked with them to execute on high-quality cloud service outcomes in the past. We’re leveraging our experience to create unique product strategies as West, adjusting the way we offer our solutions and access methods for the largely mobile-first nature of communications in the region, as an example. West has a well-developed global footprint with many points of presence all across the region that is considered best in class and world leading in many ways.

Q: Who heads the Asia Pacific region for West?

The sales and broader go-to-market areas are run by Morgan Whipp, Executive Vice President, International Sales & Marketing. Morgan has four executives who report to him in the APAC business; Richard Valente and I are the executives focused on the growing APAC business. The International infrastructure, telecoms and customer services side business is run by our APAC Managing Director Joe Ingegneri.

Q: What are the next steps for West in the region?

We want to start by building awareness with existing and prospective customers that there are fundamental differences in what and how we offer post the integration and we encourage them to talk to us about how these changes can benefit them. We are very eager to meet with customers and prospects so we can articulate in more detail the benefits of our expert team, services and solutions portfolio that WestUC now has available in region. Looking forward, we will continue to ensure that we have the skills and technologies in the Asia Pacific region to meet customers’ local UC needs. We’re really well-represented in Asia already, but there are still opportunities that we are exploring to expand into an even broader range of countries and markets. In these markets, we are working with partners to ramp up services and support with in-region capabilities, so watch this space!

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